I was a AHEC Health Career Participant

Lorraine Wilson, DNP, RN

Clinical Nurse Educator, DRH Education Services

Duke Regional Hospital

I was introduced to the Wake AHEC programs in high school. My parents saw the activities and thought it would be a great opportunity to learn about different health careers. Since I was young I stated, ” I want to work in healthcare and help people.” My first activities were Saturday Academy and the Health Career Summer Camp High School. AHEC programming gave me the opportunity to  see and emerge in to different health careers to find the best fit for my personality. Participating in the health careers gave me a straight path to completing my goals. This allowed me to complete my terminal degree (Doctorate) in nursing field in a timely manner by the age of 30. Early exposure to healthcare terminology and careers made my journey through higher education easier to focus on the critical thinking and learning of new information. Since my first experience with AHEC programming, I was a counselor for the Health Career Summer Camp for high school students, presented a seminar for the Saturday Academy, and organized educational sessions for AHEC students. I encourage all people working in a health career to share the importance of your role. Healthcare is made up of diverse people with various skills. Educating our youth is pivotal to bringing in the next generation.